That First Post

There’s no two ways about it – cranking out the premiere post for a brand-new blog is a little intimidating. Search on Pinterest for “blog tips,” and you’ll be inundated with advice from every corner of the occasionally-helpful internet, anxious to tell you how their way is right, and what you thought you were going to do is 100% wrong.

Here’s the thing.

I was an English Lit major in college, and I’ve been writing my entire life. The hardest part of writing isn’t putting it all together, it isn’t coming up with a convincing third paragraph, and it isn’t figuring out a catchy byline. The hardest part of writing (and of doing anything, really) is getting started.

I learned a long time ago to just get it out, then edit. So maybe this blog doesn’t look right now like it will in the future, and who cares? If you let it, self-doubt can be a real punk. It makes you wonder who would possibly care about what yet another blonde blogger has to say.  It makes you second-guess and delay taking up space and breath in the world. I let those thoughts delay the start of this project for a long time.

All self-doubt is really doing is trying to put your view of yourself underneath the covers of What Everyone Else Thinks and What Everyone Else Feels and the really big, soundproof, YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH blanket that doesn’t let a single good idea escape. Well, we’re done with that.

You (and I) deserve to take up space and breath in this world. We deserve to put good ideas out there (and sometimes not-so-good ideas) and try to get water from stones, because sometimes it works. We get to do the big things, the fun things, the hard things,  the small things, the real things, and we get to put forth an effort for all these things unapologetically.

So if you were wondering what this space is, it’s this. It’s space. It’s room. For all those ideas and things.

Welcome in.

2 thoughts on “That First Post

  1. I’m so proud of you and seriously cannot wait to dive in deep to all your thoughts and recommendations!! You’ve got this and deserve to take up space. Totally here for this…and you.

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